About Us

ARMS QR Code Rating System:

The ARMS Rating System is a QR-based customer feedback rating program designed to enhance the monitoring of service levels, ultimately improving the overall quality of customer service. The process unfolds as follows:

1.  Company Registration/Login/Package Selection:

A streamlined and efficient registration and login process with flexible package options tailored to business needs.

2.  Employee/Section Assignment:

Easily add employees or sections, each assigned a unique QR Code for efficient identification.

3.  Customer Feedback Submission:

Customers can effortlessly scan the assigned QR Code with their mobile phones to provide feedback on customer service.

4.  Tailored Feedback Questions:

Customize feedback questions for each QR Code, allowing businesses to gather specific insights as needed.

5.  Intuitive Response Options:

Customers express feedback using colored smiley faces (Very happy, Happy, Unhappy, Very unhappy) or a Thumbs up/Thumbs down for Yes/No responses.

6.  Comment Requirement:

Comments under “Tell Us More” are optional, except when choosing the “Very unhappy” option (contact details, however, remain optional).

7.  Notification Alerts:

Businesses receive timely email alerts when the “Very unhappy” option is chosen, ensuring prompt attention to critical feedback.

8.  Scorecard and Analysis:

Customer input is instantly uploaded, generating a comprehensive ratings report for each staff member or section per QR Code, presented as a percentage out of 100. The rating report also provides information on customer rating counts, date/time, and client comments. This enables both management and employees to pinpoint areas for improvement and implement enhancement strategies.

9.  Progress Reports/Motivation:

Weekly/Monthly progress reports aid staff by providing feedback on customer counts and ratings.

The Incentive report will assist in rewarding positive behavior and acknowledging good performance.